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Lese Updates

New Release: Codec, an Audio Plugin for Modern Degradation

Codec comes from an idea we had for a plugin some time ago:

"What if you could simulate a bad internet connection?"

Looking around, we couldn’t find that much that accomplished what we wanted. There were a few plugins that mimicked how this effect would sound, but they always seemed a little bit “off”.

So we had another idea; what if we essentially built a plugin that worked as a container around the real thing? And we got to work.

Codec is built around today’s most common encoder / decoder system, Opus. It’s the same algorithm that Discord and WhatsApp uses! 

  • Packet Drop

    Codec can simulate a poor internet connection through the use of it's "Loss" system (as well as how 'lost packets' are handled). Packets can either be lost totally (and the internal algorithm will try to "reconstruct" your sound in real-time), or they can be held and repeated (for a super glitchy effect).

  • Crunch

    You can take Codec to it's limits via the crunch section. Massive amounts of gain can be applied to the frequency section of your choosing, and then removed once compression & decompression have been completed, keeping your sound at the same volume but adding even more artifacts.

  • Mode Selection

    The internal state of the algorithm can also be altered. If you click on the Lese logo in the title bar, you can switch between a "voice" mode, a "music" mode, and a "low-latency" mode. Each of these modes respond to incoming sounds a bit differently.

One technical note before downloading: keep in mind that Opus has it’s own limitations, specifically with latency. Opus can adjust it’s internal latency based on algorithm mode, as well as during packet loss. Due to this, adding latency compensation, or a dry / wet mixing system to the program was not practical. We hope you understand.

Edit: as of now, Codec has been updated to fix the latency issues & add a dry / wet mixer.

Finally, since most of the heavy audio processing in this plugin wasn’t really made by us, and that Codec is basically just a container around something else, we decided that it was only fair that Codec should be available for free, forever. It’s now available on it’s product page. Enjoy.


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