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Lese Updates

Free Updates For Codec & Sweep, Black Friday


Our two most popular plugins; Codec and Sweep, have been updated! 

Following a lot of suggestions from friends & customers reaching out, we’ve added the most requested feature on both programs! Additionally, we’ve handled a few different longstanding bugs that existed on both of the plugins, so there’s that, too.

So, what's new?
codec update 1.4.0 screenshot

Codec 1.4.0

A new button to the right of the Bitrate knob has been added. This button lets you switch the compression algorithm from it’s original mode (voice) over to another available mode (music).

The music mode is more tuned to music (duh) but will still fall apart at low bitrates, much like the original voice mode does. The internal audio codec needs to be reset in order to do this, so it isn’t something that can be automated per se, but if you switch it to the new mode then it will remember it the next time you open up that instance of Codec, much like a normal plugin parameter.

Additionally, the method that Codec uses to simulate packet loss has been improved.

sweep update 1.3.0 screenshot

Sweep 1.3.0

A new button to the left of the Speed knob has been added which allows you to increase Sweep’s filter cascade speed 5x. It sounds cool when you’re trying to make different laser sound effects / etc. Sweep’s filter quality has also been improved.

Black Friday

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