Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of some of the most common questions we receive on our support email. For a quicker answer than over email, check and see if your question is here!

Antivirus is known to throw false-positives with new software, expecially if it isn't authenticated through windows. Our recommendation would be to set an exception within your antivirus, or disable it (this is pretty common advice).


In the future we might begin to offer checksums for the more technically-inclined to check that the program was downloaded correctly.

Presently we aren't running any sort of code-signing systems for Windows, as the way Microsoft chooses to handle their certificates for doing this is an absolute mess. Our recommendation would be to just disregard SmartScreen.


However, if you would prefer, we also provide "No Install" versions of our plugins, where instead of running an installer to put the plugins in the correct location, you just do it yourself.

As our programs are built for release on Mac OS, we have systems in place to automatically authenticate our software to work without issue through Mac OS. This problem shouldn't be happening, but is most likely an issue on our part if it is. If you want to be super helpful, email us at if you catch this happening. 

This can be caused by a number of problems we've observed:

  • The packages may have been blocked from loading. This can sometimes be fixed by allowing Lese's software to load within the "Security & Privacy" General settings.
  • You are using an older version of Mac OS. Apple's recent architecture migration has... complicated... things for users and created headaches for developers. Presently, Lese plugins run as Universal 2 Binaries, which work on both Intel and M1 Mac systems. Unfortunately, older Mac OS versions may not support this functionality.
  • You need to restart. Sometimes AU plugins don't register immediately when they are installed. Restarting can fix that.

  • Let us know! We would appreciate it.

    The usual bundle of files you will be able to download is the same with almost all plugins; Two windows versions (one with an installer and one without), and the macOS version which is built as a Universal 2 Binary (meaning that both Intel & ARM Macs are able to run it without Rosetta 2, which should speed things up a bit)


    Additionally, some larger plugins with a larger amount of controls such as Recurse will also include a PDF manual for you to look over.

    There are two kinds of trial version plugins. If you are prompted to enter a license key upon startup of a plugin, then this is what will unlock it into it's full state. If you have any license keys, they will be displayed in the bottom table on the My Account page.


    Certain plugins, however, do not use license keys, and instead require you to re-download & re-install the non-demo version of the plugin upon purchase. In this case, reinstalling will overwrite the demo version of the plugin.

    We process our credit card payments through Stripe, and our website is secured through https. Stripe is one of the most commonly used payment processors, and has yet to have any sort of security breach.


    We also have PayPal support, if you would prefer to use that.


    With both of these payment processors, we can't access your payment information (even if we wanted to); All of the sensitive information is handled on their respective platforms.

    We will try and fulfill refunds to the same ability of our payment processors; With PayPal this is the most flexible with handling of refunds. 


    However, our limit for refunds is 30 days. We recommend trying out the demo versions of our plugins prior to buying them, just in case something is broken on your system & we haven't gotten around to fixing it just yet.

    We pronounce it a few different ways, and we consider the "official" ones to be "lˈe͡ɪse͡ɪ", and "lˈe͡ɪsʌ". However, we think that the mystique of pronouncing it any way you want adds to the experience. 🙂

    If you didn’t find an answer, feel free to hit us up at for any question you might have.


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