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Introducing Impulse (Beta); an Acoustic Simulation Engine

Introducing Impulse (Beta)

If you haven’t seen our new page on the header, now is the time for a more proper introduction.

Since 2019, before any of our plugin lineup existed in any form, we were working on some more high-level and complex ideas regarding how you would go about doing acoustic simulation in a virtual environment (we even did a talk about it at a conference last year, not available to the public yet).

After a number of iterations early on in development and a year of working on the editor on top of the engine, we’re happy to announce that we will be starting a beta program for Impulse in the coming weeks. 

The beta program just involves you signing up on the Impulse page, and getting a copy of the software to help us find bugs. Do this and we’ll be happy to give you a large discount on the finished product when it’s ready.

What Is Impulse?

Impulse is:

  • A standalone piece of software. We do this so that it can be extended upon in the future, and do a lot more than what an audio plugin could.

  •  Made with compatibility in mind. You can import lots of different 3d formats, from general purpose, to 3d editor project files.

Impulse is not:

  • An audio plugin (just yet). We hope to work out game engine integrations down the line, though.

  • Processing audio in real-time. It works by “rendering” high quality impulse responses on your CPU so you can use them later (we will however have a real-time preview mode in the finished product).

Made With Impulse

Along with Eigen, we were recently working with AudioThing on a new update for their Fog Convolver plugin, which features a simplified version of Impulse’s rendering engine to demonstrate some of it’s features:

Feel free to hit us up with any projects you or your company might have in mind that would benefit from using the Impulse engine.

Sign up for the beta program on the Impulse page.

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