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Lese Updates

Now Available On PluginBoutique + General Updates

We’ve been relatively silent the last few months, but for good reason,


The most exciting development is that our partnership with PluginBoutique, the largest online reseller of music software, has been finalized! Everything  is live on there now, and a 40% off sale is ongoing on there as well as on here until the end of the month.


Recurse, Glow, Codec, Strum, and Sweep have all been updated, mostly fixing minor bugs that were introduced when switching to a new development library. We have also added some improvements to the licensing system’s compatibility, and made some tiny UX tweaks to everything.

Additionally, we have also been hard at work developing Impulse. There is only one more big feature to be added before it is to be released in full!


We have made almost an hour (so far) of in-depth overview content going over the features, functionality and presets available in various Lese plugins (The only ones left to do are for Eigen & Frahm).

You can find these on our YouTube channel. These are helpful for those who don’t want to read the manual (yes, every plugin also has a manual available now, check your My Account page), and can help you get a better understanding of the more high-concept ideas behind how they all work. The website has been updated to feature all of these new videos on the plugin pages.

More Updates

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