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Lese Updates

Update Notifications + Spring Sale Ending Soon

Just in time before our spring sale ends, we’ve dropped some more quality-of-life updates for all of our plugins (and some small requested features for individual ones);

Update Checker / Notifier

Never again will you have to periodically check our site yourself to find out when our plugins have been updated; now our plugins will just check for you!

The new automatic update checking system is live and working on our whole plugin lineup (even the free ones);

Whenever a plugin loads up, it will see how long it’s been since a check and if it’s been awhile, then it will check again.

If the version on our side is the same then it won’t do anything

If a new update is available, a little notification will appear in the top right corner and clicking it will let you know about the new version, and a link to the changes will be available. You can also “ignore” the new version until there’s an even newer one.

If you want to manually check for an update, you can do that too by clicking the Lese logo and going to “Updates”.

You can also turn off automatic update checks, and turning off automatic updates will apply to all Lese plugins on your computer, not just the one you toggled automatic updates on. Convenience!

Window Improvements

Popup windows in Lese plugins used to run modally, meaning that they would block other input until they were closed, this system had a tendency to freeze user’s DAWs, so we’ve improved this by switching to windows that run asynchronously, and don’t block other input.


Eigen 1.2.6 now allows you to preview your rendered impulse response without having to export it! Just click the “Play” button when in the render tab and hear what you’ve created, check it out in the new video we put out going over how to use Eigen’s Render Mode;


Frahm 1.0.5 fixes the particle visualizer showing up in front of popup windows, and also re-arranges some visual elements to make more sense (nothing really major though).


Finally, a new beta release of Impulse will be coming out in a few days, this update adds more than the previous ones, bringing us much closer to a final release.

Also, to anyone who is new to what we do via our introduction to PluginBoutique, welcome! We always like getting new perspectives for how to improve our sounds & plugin workflows, so if you have any questions or suggestions, hit us up at support@lese.io

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