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New Release: Frahm, an Audio Plugin for Gestural Processing

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Meet Frahm.

Frahm is a multi-spatializer, using force fields.

Built on top of a particle-based force field system, Frahm takes the movement of particles that it simulates and treats them as sound sources in three dimensional space.

Frahm allows you to select from ten different force-field algorithms, adjust their parameters and even mix two of them together for your desired result.

When multiple instances of Frahm are layered on top of each-other in your DAW, you can create highly intricate  soundscapes, all in real time.

Frahm is able to operate it’s spatial engine in multiple different modes depending on your intended application. Binaural for headphone-optimized listening, and stereo for conventional speaker setups.

You can check out Frahm’s product page here.

We’ve also been quietly making some more improvements to authentication & plugin performance. Most of our plugins have been given updates over the last few weeks that mainly fix bugs & improve performance.  🙂

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