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Transfer Plugin Update 1.2: The Reflections Update

After a few months with Transfer out, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback, and a number of good ideas on how to improve it.

Meet Transfer 1.2:

  • Enable the new reflections processor with the “Reflections” toggle button, and switch to it’s control panel with the “Room” icon.
  • Switch between simulating early reflections, late reflections, or both.
  • Change the “Room Model” with the dropdown, This changes the simulated space’s materials and alters both the early and late reflections.
  • Change the size of the room with the controller on the left side of the panel, or skip this step & synchronize it with the control panel’s distance value.
  • Added a reflection system.
  • Fixed stability issues on certain DAWs
  • Improved certain GUI elements
  • Internal optimizations
  • Parameter handling improvements
  • UX Improvements
Some Technical Specifications:

Early reflections are binaurally spatialized, and late reflections are processed in mono. The late reflections are simulated with a multiband spectral reverb, which is altered based on the room’s volume & the room’s materials (set with the “Room Model” parameter).

As always, if you find any issues with Transfer, or any of our other software, hit us up at support@lese.io.

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