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Codec Plugin Update 1.1: Delay Compensation & Mixer

Codec has been updated to version 1.1

After a few weeks with Codec out we’ve had an excellent month, Codec was downloaded more than anything else we’ve released… combined! 

One technical downfall that Codec had at release was it’s lack of proper delay compensation, but no more! Proper delay compensation has been worked out, and a mix knob has also been added! You can download the new version of Codec right where you found it the first time (and it will always be free). 

The only changes you will notice other than the proper delay compensation is that the interface has also been slightly altered to accommodate the new Dry / Wet Mix knob. The Width parameter for the input coloration controls has been placed in between the Coloration and Frequency sliders, in a number box.

Full Changelog:

  • Implemented Delay Compensation
  • Internal Optimizations
  • Coloration Improvement
  • Added a dry / wet mix system

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