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New Release: Strum, a “Sound Strummer” Audio Plugin

Built from a desire to be able to “Strum Your Sound”, Strum is a multiband delay with a twist.

The delay times & feedback values for each of the delay lines inside of strum are controlled by control points, with similar functionality to that of our first plugin, Sweep. The bands are controlled with three different “shapes” that are controlled identically to how you would control an EQ. 

You can turn Strum’s maximum delay time up for a long “spectral split”. You can also down the delay for a “pseudo-wah” with a guitar (and minimal feedback), or making a reverb-like effect (with a bunch of feedback).

  • Sync Mode

    Strum's delay times can be synchronized up to your DAW's tempo & time signature for rhythmically aware strumming. Turn up the feedback when in this mode for polyrhythmic, spectrally aware echoes. Perfect for dub techno!

  • Factor Band Control

    We're so in love with our unique control scheme system that we made perfect use of it here. Control a mass of delays with a single point, and switch over to feedback mode to tame which frequencies you want to have persist.

  • Modulation!

    Of course you can modulate the delay lines! Strum provides two modulation modes (Flutter and Random), and allows you to increase or decrease modulation as the frequency changes via use of a "Skew" knob, which can bias the Amount and Frequency parameters as the frequency changes (if you enable it, that is).

Also, Stay tuned for another free plugin for everyone to enjoy, compliments of the chef (us). It should be ready in a few weeks.

Strum is now available for Mac OS and Windows machines. 25 USD. If you run into problems during install, or find anything wrong, feel free to email us at support@lese.io.

Edit: There seem to be a few bugs on Mac OS builds of Strum presently. We should have these fixed in the next day or two.

Another Edit: They should be fixed now.

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