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New Release: Recurse, a Recursive Audio Processor

Created from a desire to make “Recursive Music”, Recurse was initially designed to mimic tools used by artists such as William Basinski, where audio is sent through effect chains over and over again, slowly altering the sound over time from the imperfections in the recording medium. Recurse simulates these imperfections internally, and provides extra effects for you to plug into the audio loop.

If you want to make a new kind of dub machine, Recurse can do it. If you want to distort & age your audio with Recurse’s Degrade module and forget about looping, Recurse can do that too. 

  • Realistic Responses

    While the idea of feeding signals back into themselves can seem like a volume-induced headache waiting to happen, Recurse mimics the way the various equipment that it's emulating would handle loud sounds. Internal signal lines clip, filters crackle, and an underlying system prevents the really loud stuff from getting through.

  • Subtleties

    Recurse shines in the domain of small, slight alterations. Knobs can be alt+dragged for small adjustments to the processing parameters (this works on the other plugins too!).

  • Effect Chain

    Recurse features a reorderable effect chain system for making the effects it offers easily adjusted. In the "Looping" section, the direction of the audio loop can be changed in case you have something other than a conventional audio loop.

Recurse is now available for Mac OS and Windows machines. 45 USD. If you run into problems during install, or find anything wrong, feel free to email us at support@lese.io.

Recurse is “Unlocked” by purchase of a license key. The key can be pasted into the program & Recurse will be activated. A manual for the plugin is included in the download bundle.

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