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Strum update 1.1: Spectral Delay Mode

Our frequency-conscious delay plugin is evolving, moving beyond a multiband setup with a new Spectral Delay Mode, which opens up new possibilities of sound.

Strum lets you split your signal into multiple bands and choose different delay time and feedback amounts for each in its graphical curve editor. Previously topping out at a cool 15-band operation at maximum, Strum has added a spectral delay mode, making its resolution far more detailed, and letting you conjure up intense shimmering delay effects and otherworldly sounds.

In Spectral mode, the profile of delay time and feedback amount is still changed across the spectrum in the curve editor, so you can try it on without losing your changes. The base delay time is also freely changeable in this mode.

We’ve also added keyboard control, so your keyboard’s WASD or arrow keys can adjust parameters in the editor after they’ve been selected. This feature and more keyboard control will be coming to other Lese plugins soon.

You can download version 1.1 now in your Account section.

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