Eigen is a reverb plugin that lets you recreate the profile of a room by selecting dimensions. Choose exactly where the source and listener are placed, and experiment with combinations of materials on each of your six walls to simulate architectural acoustics.

Eigen can also export an impulse response file of your room, and can be useful in analyzing the room modes and resonances at play in your virtual space.

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Dimensions and Materials

The Room sliders let you set the room’s dimensions for width, length and height. The cuboid display above will adapt to show you the shape you’re creating.

Dial in your room’s dimensions and see how it shapes up

You can choose the Wall Material for the six surfaces, from a range of wood, concrete, brick and curtain options, to make acoustic reflections behave differently throughout the space.

Choose one of ten materials for each wall

For musical reverb, you can create spaces from a small vocal booth through a wooden drum room to a stone cathedral. For sound design, you can simulate a concrete corridor, a tall staircase or a brick warehouse.

Source, Listener and Spatial Mode

Select exactly where the sound source and the listener are placed within your space using X, Y and Z co-ordinate sliders, just like the wall dimension selectors.

Position your virtual source and listener

Choose whether the virtual reverb signal is behaving in Mono, Stereo or Binaural, depending on whether you have a stereo source and how you want the reverb to come across.

Render Impulse Responses

Export an impulse response of your chosen space

In the Render tab, you can export your space for use in a convolution processor, excellent for sound design or video applications, switching to another program, or simply keeping great-sounding spaces for later use. (Eigen also saves presets normally like any other plugin).

Analyze your Space

Discover the resonant frequencies lurking in the low end of your room

Part of a room’s ‘sound’ and character is caused by the build-up of frequency resonances, caused by the physical dimensions of the room itself – literally the distances between the walls. In Eigen, you can instantly analyze how your chosen dimensions and materials combine into a unique sonic signature, thanks to the low-frequency analyzer.

💡 You can buy your copy of Eigen or download the demo version for free on the Eigen page.

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