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Lese Updates

Sweep Plugin Update 1.1.0: UX Improvements, Internal Bugfixes

We have gotten a lot of feedback in the last week on what can be improved with Sweep, and it has been updated!

Sweep 1.1.0 (April 17th, 2022):

  • Improved the “Random Section”, where now the phase / complexity controls will be disabled if random amount is turned off.
  • Fixed some tiny vector scalability bugs.
  • Fixed a few visual errors.
  • Optimized an internal library to save memory.
  • Improved the UX of the factor band control system.
  • Users can now check the program’s build date (and likely even more  information in future plugins) by clicking the version number in the upper right hand corner of the plugin, and can initialize the plugin / disable the metering state (because some people might want to save a bit of processing power) by clicking on the Lese logo in the upper left hand corner.

We’re really enjoying being sent / finding what you have all been making with sweep so far. Our next plugin should be coming out in a couple of weeks.


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